from Hierarchy Of Light

& Mahatmas Of Shamballa


Channeled and translated by Vlad Bulgakov (FireLion), Crimea, Ukraine







August 1, 2003




  The Circle of Eternity made another turn,

and life in Space and on Earth must be changed


 Masters of Universe




  We live in unique and challenging time. Aquarius Era has already begun and new Epoch of Light, Love and Spirit shall begin shortly.

  It seems impossible not notice, that the world, we live in, is being rapidly changed. New ultra high frequencies are being transmitted to Earth in ever increasing volume.  Man kinds are being given new knowledge and human beings body Is acquiring new super abilities.  Homo sapiens is preparing for evolutionary breakthrough and transformation into human Lightbeing next evolutionary level of the Sixth Human Race, also known as homo comics and homo spiritualism. 

  Born of new is always destruction of past.  Nowadays our planet is being prepared for its Cosmic Initiation, total renewal and transformation into Spiritual 4D one.

  Forces of Dark and Evil, which have been ruling on Earth over last time, shall be swept away.  New Epoch, Truth, Law, Light and Divinity shall dominate in the Universe. 

  The process of destruction of the gangrenous past as well as creation of the divine new is now underway in all spheres of human beings life.  The phenomenon of global planetary cataclysms and natural, military, social, environmental and ecological collapses to be seen throughout the world, is physical manifestation of the cosmic process of preparation of both Earth & humanity for entering into a Brand New World. 

  In several years period the Poles of our planet shall experience a great shift and will be transpositioned.  Numerous lands and continental areas will regress to form new ocean bottom whereas present ocean bottom shall transgress to become new land. 

  Quantum Leap an increasing of our time space continuum frequency from 3,14 to at least 4 is going to take place.  The whole world will change dramatically. 

  In particular, old Lemurian continent, which has been resting on the Indian Ocean for over million years, shall rise.  Alongside with Seychelles and some neighboring islands it is going to become the Gates of The New Earth.   

    Human being shall also be changed.  Brand New world order, based on the realization of the Cosmic Laws of God, shall be set worldwide.  The right to live in this New World shall be granted to those who have endured in-life transformation of physical carrier (body), burned negative karmic debts of present and previous incarnations, purified ones heart and soul, as well as cell memory, and proved by his or her devoted service proved Love and dedication to the Creator.

 The entire humanity is now facing a crucial, abrupt turning point of its evolution.  Time of dilemma, when everyone must make an evolutionary decision.  EVERYONE ought to answer himself whether he or she is wit Dark & Evil or with Love and Light. 

  Moreover, it is time of global reconstruction of all Universe.  Holy Creator decided to effect all-out cleansing of His world from dark and evil and to return His creations to the divine pattern of Light, Love and Spirit.  Quantum transition of the Earth shall be the first step in total renewal of the Universe. 

  One of the pressing need and urgent tasks of the current moment is gathering together  of all Gods souls, who successfully passed all life examinations, proudly resisted and withstood impacts of Evil, kept Love in the Heart.  Those chosen ones will be gathered in one place Home Of Father.  And this place is in one's Heart.

Wishing you Light & Love,





Channeled and translated by Vlad Bulgakov (FireLion), Crimea, Ukraine



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